Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Why Choose HBS

The Himalayan Baptist Seminary
(An Associate Member of ATA)
The Himalayan Baptist Seminary is born with a specific purpose to train young men and women who will take up the new challenges in the mission fields in South East Asia. 

Its vision and mission is to prepare Christian workers for the effective ministry in this millennium. This new challenge is: Who will plan the New Testament Church in the areas where there are no churches? 
Just in India alone there are 1.2 billion people. There are 2501 total people groups in India and the 2190 people groups still unreached. The HBS family wants to be part of reaching these unreached.
Why Siliguri? 
Siliguri, India, is a very strategic location for training and sending the church planters in South East Asia. It is also known as the Gateway to Unreached Asia. 
To the north is Buddhist-dominated Sikkim and Tibet (China). To the south is Muslim-dominated Bangladesh. To the west is the least-reached region of Hindu-dominated north India. To the northwest is the former Hindu Kingdom of Nepal. To the northeast is the Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan. One can reach these neighboring countries from the HBS within 45 minutes to 5 hrs. 
Therefore, Siliguri is the most strategic location for theological training and reaching the unreached South East Asian countries. 
The HBS students will be provided with ample opportunities to reach the unreached in these neighboring countries. 

"Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields;
for they are white already to harvest.
João 4:35

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